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Q: Where do you get your leads?
A: AMI utilizes state-of-the-art electronic lead software that contains every business in the country. Based on your custom marketing strategy, we use the software to quickly identify prospects that meet your ideal client profile in your geographical area of interest.

Q: What kind of potential new client engagements do you typically find?
A: Our expertise is in finding new client engagements that match your service offerings and growth plans, and that represent significant profit potential for your firm. No program is “typical” but our capabilities and experience allow us to successfully find ideal new client engagements in all national markets and industries, and in all accounting service areas (including tax return preparation, tax consulting, quick books consulting, monthly and quarterly write-up work, payroll services, reviewed financial statements, audited financial statements, general business advice and consulting, business valuations, computer and software installations, and many more).

Q: What is the typical size of the business clients you will find for us?
A: There is no typical size, as we call only on companies that meet your ideal new client profile. So if, for example, you want to focus on companies with $2 million in sales and above, then we will target and set meetings with only companies in that size range.

Q: What is the average percentage of new clients a firm can expect to acquire from the AMI marketing program?
A: Most firms can expect to acquire at least half of the prospect meetings set for them. Success varies greatly based on follow up effort. By utilizing AMI for follow up, firms can expect excellent closing percentages.

Q: What is the best time of year to do this type of marketing?
A: There is really no down time to this kind of marketing effort, as circumstances are always changing. During tax season there is often quite a lot of action as people and businesses have the most contact with their accounting services and problems with services are at the forefront. Therefore we recommend your program be in place in time for tax season and may benefit from being ramped up at this time.

Q: How do you charge for appointment setting and follow up services?
A: In most cases we charge by the hour for our Qualified Lead Generation and Appointment Setting services and charge a straight commission for Appointment Follow-Up, Closing and Pipeline Management services. Training services are provided on a one time flat fee basis.
    "AMI's training has been a valuable asset in our marketing efforts and has assisted us with bringing profitable new clientele to our firm. We would definitely recommend AMI's training service to any firm looking to grow their accounting practice and acquire quality new business clients."

- Kim Williams, Brown Nelms & Company, Alanta, Georgia